June 11, 1862: Substitutes wanted

Substitute Wanted

The Richmond Daily Dispatch had a daily section for “substitutes” — ads for men to fill the place of a drafted Southerner, or ads from men willing to do so for a price.

Substitute notices.

Wanted — a
for the war.
All — A first rate
Cake Baker.
Apply at
T. B. Gill’s Bakery,
cor Broad and 6th sts,
printrunje 12–2t*

A Substitute,
to serve in the Governor’s Guard, 4th Reg’t Va. Calvary, Horse and equipments furnished. None need apply except free from conscription of militia draft. Apply to the undesignated, corner Bank and 10th street.
Joseph S. Priddy
printrunje 10–6t*

–Two well-recommended men to go as Substitutes for the war.–either foreigners or Marylanders. They must have their exemption papers, and come well recommended. Apply at the “Confederate Button Depot,” on Tobacco alley, in rear of Mitchell & Tyler’s Jewelry Store, near Exchange Hotel.
printrunje 10–7t*

A Marylander, and exempt, having served 12 months in the army of the Confederate States, is willing to act as a

Address, stating terms, branch of service, &c.,
“J. G. G.,” at this office.
printrunje 10–3t*

Wanted — a
for an Infantry Company,
“R. J. T.,” Dispatch office,
printrunje 10–3t*

Two well Recommended men are
willing to serve as
for a reasonable compensation.
Address “L. H.,” at this office
printrunje 10–7t*

Wanted — a
wanted by me. Apply to
R. A. Jenkins,
At Samuel D., Hicke’s Comm’n Merchant,
Cary st, bet 13th and 14th.
printrunje 10–3t*

Wanted — a
for thirty days, in a cavalry company.
Horse furnished and a liberal price paid.
Apply early at
Royster Hospital,
25th st., bet. Main and Franklin,
printrunje 10–2t*

Marylander, having served twelve months in the Confederate States army, is willing to act as a

for the war. Address, stating terms, “W. T. L.” at this office.
printrunje 9–3t*

A Substitute
for the war.
A fair price will be paid.
Apply to
“H. H. B.,” Room No. 11,
Monument Hotel.
printrunje 9–3t*

Wanted — a
for which a liberal price will be paid.
Apply at the corner of Clay and 18th streets, at the Blacksmith Shop.
printrunje 7–6t*

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