May 22, 1862: Halleck at Corinth. Still.

Henry Halleck

Halleck is ready to attack Corinth, not expecting any more reinforcements. We’ll see.

From the Official Record:

Honorable E. M. STANTON.
CAMP, CORINTH ROAD, May 22, 1862.

Daily skirmishing between our reconnoitering parties and the enemy.

General Buell lost 25 men killed and wounded yesterday. Country in our front marshy and densely wooded. I hear nothing of the Kansas troops. Have they been ordered here? All my re-enforcements will be here in about four days. Beyond that I have nothing to expect from this department, and if none from other sources, there will be no use in further delaying an attack. The Sanitary Commission and State Governors carry away troops faster than I can recruit. Men only slightly unwell or feigning sickness are carried away without any authority.


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