May 18, 1862: Still creeping up on Corinth

Henry Halleck
Henry Halleck

As we’ve seen before, Halleck’s army, commanded in the field by John Pope, was making excruciatingly slow progress toward Corinth. If Grant tended toward over-aggressiveness, Halleck and Pope were determined to make the opposite error. Here we see that they’ve moved 3 miles in ten days, having been 5 miles from Corinth on the 5th.

From the Official Record:

Honorable E. M. STANTON, Secretary of War.
BEFORE CORINTH, May 18, 1862.

Our whole line moved up yesterday to within 2 miles of enemy’s works, driving back their advance guards, which made strong resistance, upon the Purdy road. Major-General Sherman’s division (our extreme right) lost 8 killed, 31 wounded. Loss in other divisions very slight. The enemy apparently waiting our attack upon his works. Country is so wooded and marshy that we are obliged to feel our way step by step.

Major-General, Commanding.

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