May 7, 1862: Pope is 5 miles from Corinth

General John Pope
John Pope

Halleck writes to the Secretary of War that the big battle for Corinth is imminent. If you know Halleck, you know that this should be taken with a healthy amount of salt.

From the Official Record:

Honorable E. M. STANTON.
Midnight, May 7, 1862.
A few days ago Lieutenant-Colonel Adams was captured by the enemy near this place. To-day a flag of truce was sent forward to effect his exchange. The advanced forces of the enemy, under Hardee, are 2 miles outside of the defenses at Corinth. The evidences are strong that the enemy are in force at Corinth. Pope’s whole army will move forward in the morning to drive the enemy within his works.
A severe battle will probably be fought.

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