April 18, 1862: Confederates fall back to Corinth

After the defeat at Pittsburg Landing, the Confederate forces retreated back to Corinth, and apparently set up defenses to prevent the anticipated advance of Grant’s forces. Of course, Grant having been relieved of command by Halleck, the pursuit would exceedingly slow.

ST. LOUIS, Saturday, April 19.

A special dispatch to the Democrat, dated Cairo, the 18th inst., says:
“A gentleman just arrived from Pittsburgh reports that all the wounded have been taken away from that point.

A skirmish took place between a detachment of our cavalry and the rebel picket guard, which was posted uncomfortably near and very strong. The rebels were driven back, having five killed and sixty-five wounded.”
Refugees report that the rebels are fortifying at Lick Creek, halfway to Corinth, and strengthening their works at Corinth.

Some of the refugees state that transports were arriving at Corinth with fresh troops for the rebels, while others say they were sending off their stores preparatory to evacuating the place.

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