January 29, 1862: Cotton-seed coffee

pima cotton seeds
Cotton seeds

The Richmond Daily Dispatch shares yet another recipe for a coffee substitute (or extender). Man, the blockade was making people desperate.

Cotton Seed Coffee.
–We have been favored by a friend with a sample of Cotton Seed Coffee, prepared by Dr. H. Ravenel, of Pooshee, St. John’s Berkley, which we had served up, at breakfast, yesterday morning, and found very palatable. The aroma is very like that of Coffee, and in flavor it is similar to Coffee, but rather more like Broma. We have little doubt that a mixture of one-third or one half Coffee, and the rest of ground or powdered Cotton Seed, would easily pass for good, if not pure Coffee.–Charleston Courtier.

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  1. Luke says:

    Thank goodness for the cotton gin.

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