January 10, 1861: Still working on Grant’s feint

Henry Halleck

Halleck ordered Grant to make a feint southward into Kentucky from Paducah, but he wasn’t prepared to send any troops from Missouri except a couple of unarmed regiments. Turns out even those were delayed. The 10th of January saw another flurry of dispatches. Not only did Halleck tell Grant to wait, a steamboat went aground blocking transport.

From the Official Record:

SAINT LOUIS, January 10, 1862.
General McCLELLAN:

Do you insist my withdrawing troops from Missouri for the purpose indicated in your letter of the 3rd instant? If so, if will be done, but in my opinion it involves the defeat of the Union cause in this State. I will write more fully what I have done and can do to assist D. C. Buell.


Saint Louis, January 10, 1862.
Brigadier General D. C. BUELL, Louisville, Ky.:

Troops at Cairo and Paducah are ready for a demonstration on Mayfield, Murray, and Dover. Six additional regiments will be there next week. Fix a day when you wish the demonstration, but put it off as long as possible, in order that I may increase the strength of the force.


SAINT LOUIS, January 10, 1862.
Brigadier General U. S. GRANT, Cairo, Ill.:

Re-enforcements are received [delayed?], and arms. Delay your movement until I telegraph. Let me know when the channel is clear.


CAIRO, January 10, 1862.
General C. F. SMITH,
Commanding U. S. Forces, Paducah, Ky.:

A telegraph just received from General Halleck notifies me of a delay in sending re-enforcements from Saint Louis, and directs that no advance be made until further notice from him. If the telegraph is in working order when the notice is received, I will inform you by that uncertain means of communication, if not, by express.
To add to our difficulties, a steamer has got aground about 20 miles above here, where the channel is very narrow, and swung around so as to entirely cut off navigation from here during the present low stage of water or until removed. I have sent a steamer to her relief.

Brigadier-General, Commanding.

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