December 20, 1861: Okra as a coffee substitute


I think we can agree that when you’re ready to drink a beverage made from toasted okra, the blockade is working. The Richmond Daily Dispatch effectively admits as much, wishing for the Mason and Slidell affair to shift the blockade to the north.

Ochra as a Substitute for coffee.

–We have from Mrs. C. J. Stovin, of Somerset, Orange county, a specimen of parched Ochra for a table beverage in lieu of coffee. It has very much the odor of coffee, and will, we are sure, pass muster among the number of articles brought into use where coffee is not to be had. It is recommended by one of the most intelligent of Virginia housewives. The recipe given is as follows: One cup of the parched and ground Ochra makes seven of the beverage. Mix the Ochra with cold water and the white of an egg; put four cups of cold water, and put on the fire till it boils, and then add three cups of boiling water, boil five minutes and set by the fire to settle.

However, unless the Lincoln Government makes the most humiliating apology and reparation for the insult to the British flag, we shall soon have a plenty of coffee. In that case, the foregoing recipe may be of service to the Yankees, who will then be in great need of the delicious berry, and ready to take anything that will bear the slightest resemblance to it!

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