July 27, 1861: Missouri convention

The governor of Missouri having abandoned the capital, as well as the Union that the convention had voted to support, the convention met again in St. Louis. Since the governor and several officers of the state were now engaged in open warfare with Federal forces in southwestern Missouri, a resolution was submitted on July 27 to replace all the state officers:

Saturday Morning, July 27th, 1861.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

The Journal of the proceedings was read and approved.

Mr. Broadhead moved that the report of the Committee of Eight be recommitted to said Committee for the purpose of enabling the Committee to perfect their report.

Mr. Birch presented a memorial from the citizens of the 10th Senatorial district in favor of filling all officers in the State anew under an election to be provided for by the convention ; which was read and referred to the Committee of Eight.

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