July 24, 1861: Illinois should raise more troops

Only a day before, General Prentiss had bemoaned the shortage of troops to hold Cairo. The Illinois State Journal printed a short editorial comment arguing that the state should raise more troops in anticipation that the Federal government would be calling for them soon.

What Should Illinois Do?

It is clear, we think, that the Government will at once need the services of additional troops. Our army is not large enough to meet the necessities of the occasion. No doubt, as soon as the necessary steps can be taken the War Department will issue another call for volunteers. Illinois ought not to wait for this, but at once anticipate the requisition. There is no warrant or law empowering the Governor to act in the premises, but we are sure his action would be generously sustained by the people of the State, should he call for ten more regiments for immediate service. Before they could be formed and equipped, we are sure he would receive orders from Washington to muster them into the service.

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