April 26, 1861: Strong in life, and in death still stronger — Bad Beef in Pensacola

Gen. Bragg's camp as seen from Ft. Pickens
General Bragg’s camp seen from Ft. Pickens (Harper’s Weekly, June 15, 1861)

The Union garrison holding Fort Pickens was receiving supplies from ships in the port of Pensacola. Apparently the Confederate troops besieging the fort weren’t doing so well.

MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL [MEMPHIS, TN], April 26, 1861, p. 2, c. 4

Pensacola Correspondence.

Camp Davis, near Pensacola, Florida,
April 19, 1861.

Editors Appeal: Nothing of great importance has transpired since my last letter, and the reception of this epistle will assure you that I am still alive and kicking. . . .

For several days past we have had some mess beef that was not very appetizing, and to-day a large funeral procession was seen to move off from the camp of the tenth regiment, and we all went over to see who was dead, of course. We found a large lot of pickled beef and a grave newly dug. When we came up we found many mourners. The Episcopal service was read, and pine tops strewn over the grave. All the black cravats and black coats that could be procured were used on the occasion, and with drums muffled, and arms reversed, the ill-fated beef was consigned to mother earth. A large ship cracker marks the spot, while a board monument is all that remains, with the inscription, “Strong in life, and in death still stronger.”

We received the beautiful banner sent us by Messrs. Speed, Donoho & Strange, and appreciate it very highly indeed, and a guard has been selected to defend it, in whose hands they may rest assured that it will be borne bravely forward, “A signal of conquest, or a shroud for the brave.” Our mothers, our sisters, our sweet-hearts, and all, shall hail it triumphant or weep o’er our fall.

Martial law has been proclaimed here for the present. More anon,
Wm. L. Lundy.

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