April 23, 1861: Martial law in Baltimore?

Riots in Baltimore were threatening the capitol, or at least the ability of Unionist troops to reach it. From the New York Times:


PHILADELPHIA, Tuesday, April 23.
It is reported by arrivals from Baltimore at 6 o’clock this morning, that martial law was proclaimed, and all the citizens ordered in their houses.

All the places of amusement, &c., have been closed.

A gentleman who arrived from Baltimore this evening, leaving there at 9 o’clock this morning, states that when he left, the report was current in the hotels that news had reached there, via Annapolis, that Fort Pickens was captured with serious loss of life. It is only given as a rumor. He also says that Baltimore had been put under regular militia law when he left. Although strong guards were on duty, the city is quiet.

From Annapolis the very latest private dispatches received in this city last night, at 8 o’clock, state that the Northern troops, from the steamers Maryland and Boston, had landed at Annapolis without obstruction, and intended to march immediately to Annapolis junction. The citizens of the town and neighborhood were preparing to give them a Guerilla fight in their march.

The Northern troops had taken horses for the purpose of transporting artillery and baggage.

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