March 28, 1861: Mississippi Troops leave for Pensacola

Hugh Craft House, Holly Springs, MS
The Hugh Craft House in Holly Springs
(Troops could have passed by here.)

From the Memphis Daily Appeal:

The Mississippi Troops at Holly Springs.

Editors Appeal: After witnessing the glorious reception of the Mississippi troops in Memphis yesterday afternoon, I went to Holly Springs to bid adieu to old friends and relations about to leave that place for Pensacola. I got to Holly Springs at midnight, and, much to my surprise, found the town as quiet as though nothing unusual were about to occur. Before daylight this morning, however, sounds of martial music filled the air, and the first ray of the rising sun fell upon the columns of the “Home Guards” and the “Jeff Davis Rifles,” attended by a vast concourse of citizens, moving toward the depot. At the depot a splendid banner, the national red, white and blue, was presented by Miss Edmonson to the Rifles. Her fine figure and beautiful face were set off to the greatest advantage by a close-fitting dress of gray cloth, trimmed with black—the uniform of the Rifles—and a cap of the same material. In presenting the banner, she made an eloquent and effective speech, most admirably delivered, which was responded to by Capt. Sam Benton, of the Rifles, in a manner equally felicitous. It seemed that the whole population of the town had gathered for the parting, as well as many of the surrounding country. My estimate is that three thousand persons were present. . . . H. March 28, 1861.  

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