March 26, 1861: More on the Memphis synagogue

After the somewhat flippant articles the previous week, the Memphis Daily Appeal seems to be trying to make it up to them with this piece. Did the rabbi pay them a visit?

The Synagogue.—

The passover services begin at 8 o’clock this morning, in the synagogue, at the corner of Main and Exchange streets. A sermon at 9½ o’clock in English, one on Saturday, at the same time, in German, and one in English, on Monday next, at the same hour, all from the rabbi, Rev. S. Tuska. Strangers of all denominations are invited to be present—seats are free. Gentlemen can keep on or remove their hats, as they please; and ladies may sit up or down stairs, as they choose. There is the largest liberty and a hearty welcome. 

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