March 24, 1861: Keziah Brevard’s diary

Keziah Brevard

From the diary of Keziah Brevard, Sunday, March 24, 1861:

I left Mrs. Jones this morning & came to Beulah Church — Miss Hammond played on something — but her music was too fast for church music — there were some good voices in the choir — I pray B—– may rise from her ashes & be a land mark yet for this region of the country. Mr. B—— only tolerable to day — all we need is a more intelligent preacher with the true spirit — if we had such a one they would draw hearers, but Organs & Mule Chairs never drew worth to any church. The gospel in its purity does the work. After preaching I came home — Mr. Lykes spoke to me — Mill Creek wants a Depot on the R.R. — I do not wish it myself — I had rather see my Montgomery field converted into a gulph than to believe one bad act or example was ever committed on a spot of earth given for a Depot near me — I do despise meanness in in any way — & if possible will never do any thing to make a place for it. I cannot change man — but I can avoid aiding what I believe would lead to wrong. Oh my God help me to do what is right in thy sight. This day received a letter from J. M. Adams asking me to go with them to Charleston in the morning — now this is a pretty way to act — how was I to arrange on Sunday to get off before day Monday — I said the notice was too short if I felt like going.

Apparently a railroad depot is a den of iniquity. I hadn’t realized. As you can see, everyday concerns continued to be foremost, despite the war looming.

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