March 16, 1861: Georgia ratifies Confederate Constitution

Alexander Stephens
Alexander Stephens (of Taliaferro County) moved to approve the report of the ratification committee. He had been Vice President of the Confederacy since February 11, 1861 — is this a conflict of interest?

From the Journals of the Georgia Secession Convention:

Mr. Alexander, of Upson, from the Committee of Seven, who were instructed to report this morning an ordinance to adopt and ratify the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, reported the following :


To adopt and ratify the Constitution of the Confederate States of America.

Be it ordained by the people of Georgia iii Convention assembled and it is hereby ordained by the authority of the same,

That the Constitution adopted by the Congress at Montgomery, in the State of Alabama, on the eleventh day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, for the “permanent federal government” of the Confederate States of America, be, and the same is hereby adopted and ratified by the State of Georgia, ” acting in its sovereign and independent character.”

Mr. Stephens, of Taliaferro, moved to take up and agree to the report, upon which motion Mr. Hull demanded that the yeas and nays be recorded.

There are yeas 276 ; nays none.

So the ordinance, having been read twice, (every member present voting on its passage) was unanimously adopted. Whereupon

The President declared that the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, had been ratified.

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