March 13, 1861: The Richmond Dispatch welcomes the surrender of Ft. Sumter

The Richmond Daily Dispatch, having weighed the rumors from Washington that Ft. Sumter would be surrendered, reacted with jubilation on March 13, 1861:

Reported surrender of Fort Sumter.

We are truly delighted to believe that, in order to save the garrison of Fort Sumter from the certain starvation which stared them in the face, with no possibility of obtaining supplies or being reinforced, Lincoln has ordered the fort to be given up to its rightful owner, the State of South Carolina. We are gratified, in the first place, because it will save many valuable lives, which would otherwise have been sacrificed by the foreign mercenaries who composed the garrison, and because it relieves that gallant soldier, Major Anderson, from a most trying and painful position. Fort Sumter, in the hands of Carolinians, will secure the harbor of Charleston, and a large portion of the Southern Army engaged in beleaguering it will now be disposable at other points. With the forts in the seceded States in the hands of garrisons of those States, a large movable body will remain, which can be rapidly transported by the railroads to any threatened point. The independence of the Gulf States will be practically established, and their harbors, under the operation of a liberal tariff, thrown open to the commerce of the world. Southward the Star of Empire takes its way.

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