February 16, 1861: Gen. Twiggs surrenders Texas forts

Surrender in San Antonio
Surrender in San Antonio

David E. Twiggs
David E. Twiggs

The New York Times reported:

“The Texas forts are all in the possession of Commissioners appointed by the Convention. Gen. TWIGGS surrendered them on demand. The troops are allowed to march to the coast with side-arms. Three hundred thousand dollars’ worth of army supplies are taken.”

The War Department has received corroborative dispatches. A letter from Gen. TWIGGS, received several days since at the War Department, indicated the course he has pursued. Secretary HOLT dispatched orders to relieve him, but they could not have arrived.

Dispatches to the Government also report a large expedition leaving Galveston for the Rio Grande, consisting of six companies from Galveston and Houston, and two from the interior, the object declared to be protection to the frontier, in the event of the United States troops being withdrawn. Col. FORD, an old Ranger, commands the regiment.

It is presumed here in Army circles that Col. E.V. SUMNER will be promoted to the commission dishonored and abandoned by Gen. TWIGGS. No officer in the service better deserves the distinction.

It transpired this morning that the cause of the Cabinet meeting last evening was the news in relation to Gen. TWIGGS’ treason, which came through dispatches to the War and Navy Departments. The Cabinet came to no definite conclusion as to the course to be pursued. TWIGGS, it is understood, will take command of the Georgia forces.

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