February 12, 1861: Lincoln gets a suspicious package


Lincoln’s journey to Washington continues. From the New York Times:

CINCINNATI, Tuesday, Feb. 12.
The entire trip from Indianapolis was one continual ovation, and many interesting incidents occurred. During the passage through Mr. LINCOLN remained in the private saloon the greater portion of the time.
The railway people, without permission, invited some two hundred guests, which has caused some feeling, and hereafter none but those invited by Mr. WOODS will be allowed upon the train.

While passing SCOTT HARRISON’s place, his family, who were standing by Gen. HARRISON’s tomb, waved their handkerchiefs and saluted Mr. LINCOLN. Enthusiastic old men, with their mouths filled with benedictions, swarmed at every station.

Capt. POPE, of the United States Topographical Engineers, has been invited to join the escort.

While passing through the northern part of the city, where the Germans live, Mr. LINCOLN was frequently presented with flowers. One little girl handed him a large bouquet, which he accepted, and lifting the donor in his arms, kissed her.

After dinner the German and other Wide-Awakes delivered an address, to which Mr. LINCOLN responded from the balcony, making a long and happy reference to the Homestead question, and saying that if in any foreign country there are people who want homes, they ought to be assured that they can have them here.

The reception in the dining-room was a terrible affair. Mr. LINCOLN shook hands constantly for three-quarters of an hour, and then, jumping upon a chair, begged to be excused.

The people were all very enthusiastic, and seemed to vie with each other in hard shakes and queer speeches.

A queer-looking box was left at the hotel for him this afternoon, under suspicious circumstances, and was given to the police.

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