January 6, 1861: Keziah Brevard’s Diary

Keziah Brevard
From Keziah Brevard’s Diary for January 6, 1861.

“Thy mercy O Lord endureth forever: Forsake not the works of thine own hands.” Sunday morning — this is a moderately cool day — sun shines dimly — still pleasant enough — Communion day at our church this day — I wish I was present to hear Dr. Thornwell — I do love his sentiments on such occasions — he is encouraging, at the same time makes no allowance for sins — which if God is just — & he is, all must be so — Yes I love to sit & listen to God’s words at all times from any one whom I believe to be a truely pious man — I prefer being in my own church first — then the Babtist — Goodwyn has gone to hear Mr. Hankle at St. John’s church — Mrs. Ray’s and Jane church — Their family can’t go back far in their church — this is none of my business & it is a trifling thing for me to think of this on this day. God forgive me — for caring one ct. who left Beaulah — God can once more cause her to spread forth her branches if she deserves to flourish — if she is sunk in sin, her case is hopeless– O my God change my heart & make me worship thee in truth — this is my heart’s desire– When I awake in the night my first thought is, “My state is out of the Union” — when I think of it, I feel we really cannot work — I wish this thing was ended & let us know our lot — Lord God — Almighty!!! Forsake not the works of thine own hands: — we are thine — bless the Lord, we are thine. O God say to the North thus far and no far-ther — We of the South have no desire to interfere with others — we try to wash out our own sins — & leave each one to answer to God for their own sins.

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