December 28, 1860: Keziah Brevard hears about the capture of Ft. Moultrie

Keziah Brevard

From the diary of Keziah Brevard, December 28, 1860:

Mrs. James H. Adams with Janie, Laura, Carry, Ellen & Jim spent the day with Goodwyn & myself — Randy’s little Jane with them. They brought this morning’s paper with them, the “Guardian,” from it we read that Ft. Moultrie had been evacuated on the 27th and the Ft. was on fire at 5 O’clock Thursday evening. God alone knows the design of it — we are all in the dark as to the future — Oh that this strife could be ended for the good of the whole country — I know not what to think, certainly awful troubles seem hanging over us — My God take me to thee — thou has made me & taken care of me thus far — Oh take me to thee — remembering my frailties — I have no right to doubt thy promises. I hoped to see Emma’s family today — I can’t imagine what kept them — I expect the news from Charleston makes E—- very unhappy. Goodwyn went home with Jane & her daughters this afternoon. I am not so much troubled as I have been — Oh my God I might have been far from these scenes if I had let my conscience be my guide — God forgive me for my past sins & let me bow to thee with humility, if my lot is hard hereafter I cannot complain — I have no right to murmur. Had a green ham & a gobbler for dinner, a piece of corn beef — sausages — Irish potatoes — sweet potatoes, rice, greens, turnips — Peach roll — Potatoe custards — jelly — nuts, prunes, oranges, second course. This is a cloudy cold day.

Moore, p. 63-64

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