December 10, 1860: From Keziah Brevard’s diary

Keziah Brevard

Keziah Brevard

This is a blustering day — I am really uneasy about fire — I must send & hear from Sister– poor Sister but perhaps you are as happy as I am — all comforts are from God & he blesses his own as they deserve. I hope & trust in God as soon as Secession is carried out – we of the South begin to find a way to get all the Negroes sent back to Africa and let the generations to come after us live in more peace than we do — I can’t see how we are ever to be safe with them in our midst — I wish every soul of them were in Africa contented in their own homes — let us begin on corn bread & live in peace & security — as long as they are here & number so many more than the whites there is no safety any way — Men of the South — I fear our end is near & the Yankeys will glory over their work. I do hate a Northern Abolitionist — Lord forgive me — but who can love those whose highest ambition is to cut our throats.

Moore, p. 58

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