December 1, 1860: Keziah Brevard’s Diary

Keziah Brevard

From the diary of Keziah Brevard:

Where will I be this day one year hence? & Oh what is my Country to pass through between this day & at that time? I know not how to pray — or what to pray for, at times I am so worn with anxiety — sometimes I think all will be peaceful — but when I know the selfishness of the best of men I fear — I dread — Oh God let me never never fall in to the hands of man — but prepare me for Heaven & help me to be prepared to go when thou callest — Oh God save me from man!!! If our States become divided will not a rebellion soon show distracting heads — yes poor man you know not your own motives until tried — evan a committee for this convention has not been nominated quietly — Oh God can we not judge from this what is to be — a worm in the germ — Save us Oh my God —

Moore, p. 56.

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