November 17, 1860: Raising the secession flag in Texas

Texas Flag

Just a reminder that not all Southerners were anxious for secession. Bell’s supporters were still strongly Unionist. From the November 17, 1860 Harrison Flag (Marshall, TX):

            Secession Flag.—While we write, (Friday morning,) a pole is being peeled on the Public Square just in front of our office, which is to be raised, as soon as prepared, we are informed, for the support and display of a disunion flag.  The secessionists here think the news received warrant the belief of Lincoln’s election.  News received on Thursday evening leads to the conclusion that Bell carried a majority of the norther states.  This is too much for disunionists to stand, therefore, as a pastime they betake to pole raising.  It is pretty hard to stand, considering that they contend they proved Bell to be an abolitionist, to grant which and the truth of the rumor as to the election, the abolition doctrine prevailed North and South.  Instead of pole raisings the slanderers of John Bell had better be seeking forgiveness for sins committed. 

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