November 13, 1860: From Keziah Brevard’s Diary

Keziah Brevard
Another entry from the diary of Keziah Brevard.

Yesterday I gave Jane — Mrs. A. — ten dollars — & M.A. Brooks twenty dollars — This is as lovely a day as ever shined — this beautiful day makes me forget the excitement I hear our country is in — I do not see it — only hear a little of it — Great God save our Country from Northern fanatics — Northern sinners — We as a nation have enough to answer for, neither could we stand under Sinai threats — but Jesus pleads for us– & Oh I trust he will prevail — this lovely day from my Heavenly Father to be clouded by man’s presumption — No — Jesus can avenge his cause — he can punish as he thinks best — but Oh spare us from those “Northern prey hords.” Emma returned the money I lent her to pay Mrs. D. Adams for fowls on Saturday night the 10th Nov. 3.90 cts (Moore, p. 51).

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