November 9, 1860: Keziah Brevard’s diary

In 1860, Keziah Goodwyn Hopkins Brevard was a 57-year old widow who owned and ran a plantation with over 200 slaves outside Columbia, South Carolina. From her diary, the entry for November 9, 1860:

Oh My God!!! This morning heard that Lincoln was elected — I had prayed that God would thwart his election in some way & I prayed for my Country — Lord we know not what is to be the result of this — but I do pray if there is to be a crisis — that we all lay down our lives sooner than free our slaves in our midst — no soul on this earth is more willing for justice than I am, but the idea of being mixed up with free blacks is horrid!! I must trust in God that he will not forget us as unworthy as we are — Lord save us — I would give my life to save my Country. I have never been opposed to giveing up slavery if we could send them out of our Country — … but the die is cast — “Caesar has past the Rubicon.” We now have to act, God be with us is my prayer & let us all be willing to die rather than free our slaves in their present uncivilized state.

Linden, G.M. Voices from the Gathering Storm: The coming of the American civil war. Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, Inc., 2001. p. 223-224

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