October 13, 1860: Keep cool.

Carrollton (LA) Sun masthead

An editorial admonition from the Carrolton (LA) Sun, Oct. 13, 2010:

The news received yesterday, in regard to the result of elections, held in several of the Northern States, produced considerable comment. Some look upon the character of the despatches as significant of the final result.

We are yet too much in the dark in regard to the vote given, or the causes which produced the result, to form any opinion in regard to the future. The tenor of the news is gloomy; but it is vary unwise to yield to despodency or to become excited. Keep cool should be the motto of every man. Whatever may be the course of others, we are not relieved of our duty to the country and to the South. No relaxation of effort, no cessation of labor for the constitution and the Union, should mark the conduct of any Southern man.

If the elections just held, after the whole circumstances attending them are known, should foreshadow the probability of the success of a sectional party they unmistakably suggest union at the South. Not a union of its whole population on one electoral ticket in each State, because such an effort is evidently impracticable; but a full and clear understanding between the contending parties in all the Southern States that the electoral vote shall in the electoral college be cast for either of the candidates who can by any combination of strength defeat Mr. Lincoln.

[Reprinted from the New Orleans Picayune]

There weren’t enough electoral votes in (or “at”, as people invariably said then) the South, even if all of them had been pooled, to stop Lincoln.

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