October 9, 1860: State elections bode well for Lincoln

Election scene
Election Scene from Harper’s Weekly

Early returns from the October 9, 1860 elections in the New York Times:

THE ELECTION IN OHIO.; Enormous Gains of the Republican State Ticket.

CLEVELAND, Tuesday, Oct. 9 — P.M.
In the Thirteenth District, BRINKERHOFF, the Republican candidate for Supreme Court Judge, and SHERMAN, Republican, for Congress, have 284 majority a gain over DENNISTON’S vote of 67.
Loraine County, 13 towships, give BRINKERHOFF 1,400 majority — a gain over DENNISTON of 300.
Scattering returns from Huron and Summit Counties show a Republican gain over the last Gubernatorial vote.
S.S. Cox, Democrat, is reelected to Congress in the 12th District by about 700 majority.

THE ELECTION IN INDIANA.; Lane; Republican, Probably Elected Governor More Republican Gains.

TOLEDO, Thursday, Oct. 9 — P.M.

Elkhart 70 majority for the Republican ticket.
St. Joseph 700 majority for the Republican candidate for Governor.
Allen county, four towns give a Republican gain on 1858 of 190.
Bloomington, Monroe county, gives LANE 21 majority.
In Fort Wayne City the Republican gain is 264. The Republicans claim the county.


After the polls closed there was much excitement about the result, — the newspaper offices and the telegraph offices were crowded. The first news received was from Greensburgh, where FOSTER lives, and where he loses fifty from last year. Then came came six districts from Chester County, showing a Republican gain of a hundred and seventy-five. Then Lancaster City, which only gives two hundred and seventy-six, where four to five hundred were expected. These started three cheers for the Republican side and set them up to take coolly the five or seven thousand against them in this city. After this comes a dispatch from Harrisburgh, from SIMON CAMERON, that the Republicans are much more than was expected, and then the bonfires were lighted and there is cheering at the News office and congratulations that Pennsylvania has decided the Presidential battle for freedom. Later returns may prove these shouts to be premature, but they have had them.

CURTIN ahead in 19 Counties, 13,400.

The Republicans swept the Northern states having early elections on the 9th. In essence, Lincoln had the presidency sewed up. There were 303 total electoral votes, so a majority of 152 would elect him. New England, with a total of 41 votes, would be solidly for him. He could hardly lose his home state of Illinois, and with the addition of Indiana and Ohio, that would give him at least 47 Midwestern votes. If he could take Pennsylvania and New York, that would be another 62, for a total of 150. All he needed was two more votes from the remaining Midwestern states (WI, MN, IA) or the Pacific coast (CA, OR), all of which were free states. Both North and South had to know what the result would be after these returns hit the newspapers.

Oh, by the way, Florida elected a pro-Breckinridge governor. Not a surprise.

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