October 7, 1860: Madame Clifton – Caution! Look out!

Lillian Russell as a fortune teller
Okay, it’s a stretch– this is Lillian Russell, who was born in 1861.

Advertisement in the MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL [MEMPHIS, TN], October 7, 1860:

Madame Clifton
Is now at the Merchants’ Hotel, Room No. 11, Union street, in this city, where she will remain for a few days only.  Come one–come all!
                Caution!  Look Out!  Madame Clifton is the greatest Fortune Teller of the age!  She succeeds when all others have failed.  All who are in trouble fly to her for advice.  In Love Affairs she never fails.  She has the secret of winning the affections of the opposite sex.  she shows you the portrait of your future wife, husband, or absent friend.  It is well known to the public at large that she is the [illegible] and only one who can show the likeness in reality, and can give entire satisfaction in all the concerns of life, which can be tested and proved by thousands, both married and single, who daily visit her.  She can tell any lady or gentleman’s name as soon as they enter the room.
                Ladies, $1 to $3; Gentlemen, $2 to $4.  Extra charge for drawing likenesses. 

I wonder if anyone asked her what would happen in the presidential election.

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