Fort Breckinridge attacked

Old Camp Grant, 1870
Camp Grant (formerly Fort Breckinridge), 1870

From the New York Times:

TUCSON. Tuesday, Oct. 2, 1860.
Fort Breckinridge was visited on the morning of the 28th ult., about 9 o’clock, by 150 Indians, on a marauding expedition. They drove off all the stock at the post, excepting three horses and one steer. The latter was well riddled with lance wounds. This was all done under the eye of the Commandant and his troops. who were powerless to offer resistance. The settlers generally are much rejoiced at this event, and indulge in the delusive hope that the War Department will awake to a realizing sense of our defenceless and exposed condition, when it is seen that a military garrison, established expressly for their protection, can not only offer them no assistance, but is unable to successfully rebel an attack upon the post itself.

Another report of the same incident dated Oct. 3, from nearby Tubac:

I have just learned that the Apaches have run off all the Government stock at Fort Breckinridge, a new post on the Gila. This post is garrisoned by a company of infantry, under Lieut. COOK. Of course, if the Indians got the stock half-a-mile from the post, they were safe, as they could not be followed Lieut. C. is of the opinion that the Apaches could concentrate 600 warriors in three days. What could a company of infantry do against such a force? This company has net over twenty-five effective men. We are told that recruits are on the way to reinforce it, but report says they are in the field against the Navajos.

Sited near present-day Aravaipa, AZ, Fort Breckinridge was an army post intended to protect settlers in Southern Arizona. It was destroyed early in the war, then reestablished as Camp Grant. It is now mostly remembered for the slaughter nearby of 144 Apache Indians in 1871, known as the Camp Grant Massacre. The fort was abandoned in 1873.

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  1. Travis says:

    The Apaches were just trying to deal with illegal immigrants.

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