Pettus stockpiles munitions; Southern leaders threaten secession

John J. Pettus
John J. Pettus of Mississippi.
Does anyone know of another picture of him? This one is lame.

From the September 29, 1860 New York Times:


The Yazoo (Miss.) Banner reports Gov. PETTUS as having said, upon the streets of Yazoo City, that he had not only drawn from the State Treasury the two hundred thousand dollars appropriated by the last Legislature to purchase arms and ammunition, but he had ordered more than they could purchase, giving his receipts as Governor of the State, for the amount overdrawn.

Remarking on this statement the Vicksburgh Whig says: “Will anybody with these facts before them, maintain that the Government of Mississippi is not preparing to go out of the Union? What are we coming to? Is it true that the Governor of this State is squandering the people’s money for ‘munitions of war’ without authority? And all this money is being spent in Yankeedom! Yes, fellow-citizens, it is an actual fact that your money which is being spent in ‘arming’ the State against the General Government, is being spent in the North. Do you mind that?”

A correspondent of the Savannah Republican reports a speech of Senator IVERSON delivered at Waresboro on the 17th. To the question whether he would advise a dissolution in the case of LINCOLN’s election, he replied:

“That that would depend on circumstances. If he should be elected by a small vote, he would not advise it. If, however, the people of the North should show their hostility to the South, and elect him by a large majority, then he was for Disunion.”

The Atlanta (Ga.) Confederacy, charges Hon. L.T. GARTRELL with having used the following language: “If LINCOLN is elected, I will cause the fife to blow, and the drum to beat, and I will marshal my constituents, and I will raise the cry of revolution.”

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