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April 26, 1866: Welsh Indians in Arizona?

Madoc ******************* The Cape Girardeau Weekly Argus of April 26, 1866 printed this fanciful item on the front page. I can’t find any mention of “Moke” Indians anywhere else. A mis-hearing of Maricopa? In any case, as is typical for … Continue reading

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April 19, 1866: Popular support for veto?

Cape Girardeau Argus, April 19, 1866. I’m wondering just how the people were polled on their attitudes toward vetoes in the 18th and 19th centuries. I think probably in the editor’s imagination. The Richmond Examiner has the following piece of … Continue reading

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April 12, 1866: Oh yeah, Congress overrode the veto.

Lobby of the House of Representatives during passage of the Civil Rights act of 1866. ******************************************* The Cape Girardeau Weekly Argus of April 12, 1866 buried this one sentence at the very bottom of the first column on the second … Continue reading

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April 5, 1866: Supporting Presidential Reconstruction

The April 5, 1866 Cape Girardeau Argus reported that an overflow crowd packed the Jackson courthouse to meet in support of President Johnson. The report below gives the resolutions that were passed by this group. In short, they’re for Presidential … Continue reading

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