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June 29, 1865: Ending slavery in Kentucky

The New York Times reports a speech by Kentucky governor Bramlette. He advocates ratification of the 13th Amendment and establishing a free labor system. I’m not sure what his point was about the ownership of land; was he advocating redistribution … Continue reading

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June 24, 1865: Ignorance in the south

The New York Times argues that the poor whites of the south need education just as much as the former slaves do, both having been raised in ignorance by the design of the rich planters. What We Owe to the … Continue reading

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June 20, 1865: What to do with the Missouri Swamp Fox

The rebel guerrilla Jeff Thompson, sometimes referred to as the “Missouri Swamp Fox” because of his actions in the sloughs of “swampeast Missouri”, has surrendered, and is awaiting a pardon decision. FROM CAIRO.; Affairs in Arkansas Movements of Jeff. Thompson. … Continue reading

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