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March 31, 1865: A letter about arming the slaves

Images of a black Union soldier suggest a problem with this scheme. ************************************************* The New York Times publishes a captured letter a Tennessean in 1863, advocating the arming of slaves. The writer, who is left anonymous, feels that it’s not … Continue reading

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March 30, 1865: Beecher wants to go to Charleston

The prominent abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher is anxious to go to Charleston for the planned celebration of the recapture of Fort Sumter. It’s a big occasion, and he seems a bit impatient with the Secretary of War for not getting … Continue reading

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March 29, 1865: Filthy Yankees

The Richmond Daily Dispatch notes that some of Sherman’s cavalry troops are being housed as prisoners in Richmond. Even for dirty Yankees, these appear to be noteworthy. It’s not surprising, considering that they have been living rough with very little … Continue reading

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March 28, 1865: Sherman in Virginia

Sherman is in City Point to meet with Grant and Lincoln, and soon with his brother John. Stanton sends his prayers. Official Records: CITY POINT, VA., March 28, 1865. (Received 2. 10 p. m.) Honorable E. M. STANTON: I await … Continue reading

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March 27, 1865: France will bail us out

The Richmond Daily Dispatch advises southerners to hold on, because France will enter the war on their side any time. And besides, the fate of a conquered South is too heinous to contemplate. There is every inducement for the Confederate … Continue reading

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March 26, 1865: Slavery in Kentucky

Gov. Thomas E. Bramlette ***************************************** A New York Times correspondent describes the situation in the loyal border state of Kentucky. LEXINGTON, Ky. In my last I barely touched upon the breaking up of the patriarchal system in this State, as … Continue reading

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March 25, 1865: Sherman’s march

Victory parade in New York, March 6, 1865. ******************************************************* Harper’s Weekly mocks the rebel papers’ denigration of Sherman. SHERMAN. THE mystery of SHERMAN’S march was imposing. Yet the silence of the rebels was most expressive. If they made eager haste … Continue reading

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March 24, 1865: Yet more on Black Confederates

The New York Times has a couple of items from southern papers relating to arming slaves. The first company in Richmond wasn’t ready to parade, but apparently Kirby Smith has 25,000 black troops, which will never again be heard of. … Continue reading

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March 23, 1865: Sherman to Grant: ready to roll

Sherman is ready to roll, if only the railroads were. But anyway, having joined forces with Schofield, he has the strength to head anywhere Grant wants him. But he’s promised the troops that they’d have all the supplies they need … Continue reading

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March 22, 1865: Sherman takes Goldsboro

Official Records: After the success at Bentonville, Sherman pushes on into Goldsboro, North Carolina, where he makes his junction with Schofield, who came in from the coast at New Bern. In the Field, near Bentonville, N. C., March 22, 1865. … Continue reading

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