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February 28, 1863: Destruction of the Indianola

Pemberton reports that the Indianola was blown up, but expresses some skepticism about the fake ironclad. Interestingly, he says that it was destroyed by the order of General Stevenson, though we have seen a dispatch from Pemberton ordering it. JACKSON, … Continue reading

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February 27, 1863: Blow up the Indianola

General John C. Pemberton Pemberton orders the destruction of the Indianola. Official Records JACKSON, February 27, 1863. Major-General STEVENSON, Vicksburg: You must, if possible, blow up the Indianola. I wish to send General E. K. Smith 10-inch columbiad now at … Continue reading

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February 26, 1863: A fake Monitor

A letter from Admiral Porter to his wife, published in the New York Times, recounts how the Union navy fooled the rebels at Vicksburg into firing a lot of valuable ammunition at an old coal-barge, mocked up with some Quaker … Continue reading

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February 25, 1863: Union troops headed south

CSA General Lloyd Tilghman reports that the Union is moving more troops south. It looks like there’s a move afoot toward Vicksburg. Official Records Colonel J. R. WADDY: The following has been received this morning from the Boyce Place, Sunflower … Continue reading

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February 24, 1863: Indianola sunk

The USS Indianola, a side-wheeled ironclad, ran the batteries at Vicksburg and was engaged in blockading the mouth of the Red River. Another gunboat, the Queen of the West, had run the batteries with her and later been captured by … Continue reading

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February 24, 1863: Yazoo Pass is open

One of the more promising canal ideas that Grant and Sherman’s men were trying at Vicksburg was the Yazoo Pass. A levee had been built to keep the Mississippi from overflowing eastward to the Coldwater River. By cutting that levee, … Continue reading

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February 23, 1863: The French

The New York Times reports that the French swear they’re not about to break the blockade of the South. But they might be lying. Our Relations with France. We find the following paragraph, in immense type, in a Washington newspaper, … Continue reading

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February 22, 1863: Epithets

The New York Times analyzes the nicknames used by the two sides against each other, concluding with a tirade against the copperheads. Epithets and Nicknames A Study for the Times. Men betake themselves so naturally to the use of epithets, … Continue reading

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February 21, 1863: Conflict between black and white troops

The New York Times advises that black troops should be used for garrisons and serve separately from white troops. The editor expresses some doubts about their ability to function in actual field duty, at least for now. THE NEGRO TROOPS. … Continue reading

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February 20, 1863: Conscription in the North

New York Times backs the conscription law. It needs some help, because it was rather unpopular, especially among northern Democrats. The National Conscription A New Pledge of Success. The Conscription Act, which has just passed the Senate, is the grandest … Continue reading

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