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December 31, 1862: Butler in New Orleans

The Registered Enemies taking the oath of allegiance in New Orleans Richmond Daily Dispatch reports the latest depredations by “Beast” Butler in occupied New Orleans. The charges boil down to a) closing the Episcopal churches for disloyalty, which he definitely … Continue reading

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December 30, 1862: Hurlbut holding Memphis

Gen. Hurlbut outlines the situation in Memphis to Grant. He’s got it under control, but is short of troops to stop smuggling. He also castigates Gen. Davies for abandoning Island No. 10 and general timidity. Lastly, he reports that his … Continue reading

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December 30, 1862: Black soldiers and sailors

The Richmond Daily Dispatch on this date had two articles about black men in the Union military. The editor seems to have overlooked the contradiction between them. The negroes and the military service The most intelligent and cunning contrabands here … Continue reading

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December 29, 1862: Electing a scalawag in Norfolk

Caricature of Lincoln and his cabinet ************************************************************ This short item from Richmond Daily Dispatch manages to work in a smorgasbord of slurs against the Yankees. The election put a man in the “Lincoln Congress”, under the north’s dictator; the new … Continue reading

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December 28, 1862: McClernand looking for Grant

McClernand finally left Illinois, where he had been raising troops, and headed down to Memphis to take command of his share of the Vicksburg expedition. When he got there, he found that Sherman had already taken the troops downriver to … Continue reading

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December 28, 1862: Davies fortifies Fort Pillow

General Davies, in the face of enemy attacks in Tennessee and Kentucky, abandoned Island No. 10 and withdrew to a strong point at Fort Pillow, north of the Hatchie river and about 50 miles north of Memphis on the Mississippi. … Continue reading

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December 27, 1862: Lavinia Warren turns down P.T. Barnum

Tom Thumb, Lavinia Warren, The Giant, and Commodore Nutt. *********************************************** From the New York Times of December 27, 1862. In this exchange of notes, the famous little person Lavinia Warren turns down an offer of $1000 for a week’s work … Continue reading

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December 26, 1862: Mankato Execution

The Dakota uprising of 1862 ended with 38 men hanged simultaneously in Mankato, Minnesota. It was the largest mass execution in American history. The New York Times account below appeared on January 13, 1863. THE INDIAN EXECUTIONS.; An Interesting Account, … Continue reading

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December 25, 1862: “Red Devils” in Minnesota

Arrowmaker, Ojibwa, ca. 1903 It takes a while for news to make it to the East from the Wild West of Minnesota. Here a New York Times report from the frontier tells of Indian “insolence”, particularly from an educated Chippewa … Continue reading

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December 24, 1862: Columbus and Memphis threatened

With communications disrupted by Van Dorn’s raid, all the Union positions in upper southwest are jeopardized. Rumors fly, and reinforcements are hard to come by. COLUMBUS, KY., Via Cairo, Ill., December 24, 1862-8 a. m. Major-General HALLECK, General-in-Chief: I am … Continue reading

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