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July 31, 1862: Without troops at Vicksburg, C.H. Davis heads for Helena

Charles Henry Davis His fleet battered after the engagement with the Arkansas, Davis was a little testy about Farragut’s failure to support him at Vicksburg. With Farragut heading south and taking Gen. Thomas R. Williams’ troops with him, Davis lacked … Continue reading

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July 30, 1862: Sinking of the Sallie Wood

U.S.S. Carondelet Capt. Henry Walke ***************************************************************************** The steamer Sallie Wood was sunk opposite Greenville, MS, about 80 miles upstream of Vicksburg, on July 21, 1862. Here we have a report of the incident filed on July 30 by Commander Walke … Continue reading

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July 29, 1862: Kansas Zouaves D’Afrique

Sgt. Tom Strawn (not a Kansas Zouave, sorry) The Richmond Daily Dispatch notes here without comment an item from Kansas, calling for volunteers for a black regiment of Union troops. The Kansas Zouaves D’Afrique were actually mustered in January, 1863, … Continue reading

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July 28, 1862: Morgan reports on his raid

John Hunt Morgan returned from his Kentucky raid on July 28, 1862. He had made a complete circuit of Lexington, Kentucky, destroying railroads and intercepting or cutting telegraph lines as he went. His efforts forced Buell to pull troops from … Continue reading

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July 27, 1862: Securing Murfreesboro

Don Carlos Buell *************************************************************** Morgan, having achieved his goals with the raid into Kentucky, was starting to head back southward. Buell ordered Nelson to pursue him, but here he tempers that order by directing him to leave a brigade at … Continue reading

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July 26, 1862: Can the ignorant Yankees know Greek?

“Skedaddlers’ Hall,” Harrison’s Landing The Richmond Daily Dispatch presents an “ingenious” theory of the origin of the term “skedaddle” — but there’s some doubt, since it requires some of the “greasy mechanics” to know Greek, which is of course the … Continue reading

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July 25, 1862: Are Van Dorn and Price at Chattanooga?

Alexander McCook ****************************************************************************************** “Bull” Nelson reports that he’s heard that Van Dorn and price are crossing the Tennessee River at Chattanooga with over 30,000 troops. Alexander McCook, just promoted to Major General of Volunteers on July 17, doesn’t buy it. … Continue reading

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July 24, 1862: This “species of property” still in demand

The Richmond Daily Dispatch notes with approval that, despite their tendency to run away when Yankee troops are around, there’s still a good market for slaves. Negroes. –Despite the fugacious proclivities of made members of the negro fraternity, they are … Continue reading

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July 24, 1862: George B. Crittenden drunk?

George B. Crittenden was a Major General in the CSA; he was in command at the Battle of Mill Springs (aka Logan’s Crossroads) when Brig. Gen. Zollicoffer was killed. On March 31,1862, he was relieved and accused of drunkenness by … Continue reading

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July 23, 1862: If you can spare any cavalry, Buell needs them

Morgan’s raid into Tennessee and Kentucky continues to bear fruit, as Buell appeals to Halleck to send more troops. Official Record HUNTSVILLE, ALA., July 23, 1862-1.30 a.m. General HALLECK, or General THOMAS, Adjutant-General: I cannot err in repeating to you … Continue reading

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