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June 30, 1862: Vicksburg is ready for the Yankees

Well, the New York Times says Vicksburg is the “snag”, Farragut says that it can’t be taken by naval forces alone, and now Richmond Daily Dispatch chimes in. Vicksburg is ready, and it can hold out against the Yankees. The … Continue reading

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June 29, 1862: Where will the cotton come from?

The New York Times editorial ponders the question: slavery is ending, but England’s factories still need cotton. Where will it be produced and how? 4:49 PM No Solution of the Cotton Question. The present war has settled many questions that … Continue reading

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June 28, 1862: Farragut can’t take Vicksburg without the Army

The New York Times wasn’t alone in recognizing that Vicksburg was the vital point controlling the Mississippi; David Farragut had been ordered to take Vicksburg with his gunboat fleet. He recognized, though, that the position was too strong to be … Continue reading

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June 27, 1862: The Richmond Daily Dispatch is shocked. Shocked!

Slave Pen, Alexandria VA The Richmond Daily Dispatch accuses the Yankees of hypocrisy, claiming that escaped slaves are being sold by the Union. It’s a serious accusation; few crimes are worse than selling another human being. Meanwhile, toward the back … Continue reading

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June 26, 1862: A Northern Democrat against emancipation

The Richmond Daily Dispatch reprinted approvingly the remarks of Rep. William Richardson of Illinois. Northern Democrats hoped to use racism for leverage against Lincoln; a war for the Union was unassailable in the North, but a war against slavery was … Continue reading

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June 25, 1862: Who is this Andrew Johnson?

The Richmond Daily Dispatch casts aspersions on Andrew Johnson’s ancestry. Who is “Gov.” Johnson? –Andy Johnson, Lincoln’s Military Governor of Tennessee, is a native of North Carolina. His grand-father was hung, during the first Revolution, as a Tory marander and … Continue reading

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June 24, 1862: The Snag at Vicksburg

The New York Times points out that Vicksburg is the last rebel stronghold on the Mississippi. The defenses on the high bluff overlooking a sharp bend in the river make the point nearly impassable for river traffic. While the Times … Continue reading

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June 23, 1862: Hunter’s response — what fugitive slaves? These men are chasing their “fugitive masters”.

As we’ve seen, Gen. David Hunter had caused some controversy with his abolitionist leanings. He freed slaves at Fort Pulaski; then he declared all the slaves in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida free — but Lincoln revoked his proclamation. Most … Continue reading

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June 22, 1862: A panic among Brooklyn doctors

The New York Times took some pleasure, it appears, in reporting the uproar in the Kings County Medical Society when a black doctor was proposed for membership. It appears that the Latin in the punchline may have been garbled by … Continue reading

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June 21, 1862: Slavery is doomed in Missouri

The New York Times ran an editorial predicting that slavery would be unable to persist for long in Missouri. Many slaveholders had absconded in fear of federal troops, and antislavery sentiment was growing. As it turns out, there wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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