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November 30, 1861: States can secede; counties can’t.

Slave population as percent of total, Arkansas, 1860 census The principle of secessionism had to be kept firmly in check in the South, where some areas had strong Union sympathies. West Virginia had already seceded from Virginia to form a … Continue reading

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November 29, 1861: Unionist spies in Arkansas

From the Little Rock Daily State Journal: Interrogating a Union prisoner Twenty-seven prisoners, members of a secret Lincoln organization, from Van Buren county, were brought to this city yesterday and lodged in jail for safe keeping, until tried by the … Continue reading

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November 28, 1861: Thanksgiving

There was no nationally standardized date for Thanksgiving in 1861, but twenty states declared it on Nov. 28. The Times reproduced the Thanksgiving proclamations of the Governor of New York and the Mayor of New York City. From the New … Continue reading

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November 27, 1861: Sigel’s flag captured

Gen. Franz Sigel The MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL celebrates the capture of Sigel’s regimental flag: Sigel’s Regimental Flag.— We remember seeing in the St. Louis papers, some time ago, a grand parade over the presentation of a magnificent flag to Col. … Continue reading

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November 26, 1861: News from Little Egypt

Cairo: Ohio River side The New York Times‘ Cairo correspondent reports extensively below. First, a very rosy account of the battle of Belmont, which was actually a strategic and tactical wash. We hear a bit about two irregular secessionist raiders … Continue reading

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November 25, 1861: Price advances in Missouri

As soon as the victorious Union troops withdrew from western Missouri, the Confederates under Price moved forward again. This would set the pattern for the rest of the war, as shifting battle lines would sweep back and forth across the … Continue reading

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November 24, 1861: Criticism of the Jayhawkers

Jayhawkers in Missouri As noted earlier, the defeated secessionists in western Missouri were fleeing to Arkansas and Texas, often driven by unorganized bands of “Jayhawkers” raiding across the border from Kansas. Here even the Unionist Leavenworth Times decries these marauders. … Continue reading

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November 23, 1861: Missouri refugees in Texas

Refugees from Missouri were pouring into the South; we’ve seen reports from Arkansas, and here’s one from Texas. The secessionist troops having been defeated, their sympathizers in Missouri were poorly treated — whether by regular Union troops or “Jayhawkers”, it’s … Continue reading

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November 22, 1861: The Red-headed League?

St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland There were lots of people of Scots descent in the South — here they have a meeting in Memphis to prepare for St. Andrew’s Day. MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL [MEMPHIS, TN], November 22, 1861, p. … Continue reading

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November 21, 1861: Halleck prohibits contrabands in Missouri

General Halleck suspected escaped slaves of spying for the South, and ordered that they not be allowed in camp in Missouri. From the New York Times: ST. LOUIS, Thursday, Nov. 21. Gen. HALLECK has issued orders that, in consequence of … Continue reading

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