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July 31, 1861: An Illinois regiment of schoolmasters?

From a A REGIMENT OF SCHOOLMASTERS — In Illinois, it is announced that a regiment is being formed to be composed entirely of schoolmasters. Nothing could be more to the purpose. The want of competent teachers in the rebel … Continue reading

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July 30, 1861: Missouri Convention establishes new state government

The Missouri Convention, on July 30, 1861, adopted a set of ordinances declaring that the secessionist governor and other state officers were removed from office, and providing for new elections. The clauses were voted on separately: the first passed by … Continue reading

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July 29, 1861: Confederates don’t like secession

The Confederacy espoused the right of secession, but only insofar as it could be used to preserve slavery. Secession was a right of states, not of parts thereof — especially when those parts were controlled by non-slaveowners who had no … Continue reading

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July 28, 1861: Rebels threaten Cape Girardeau, MO

Benjamin Prentiss General Prentiss was in the process of re-forming his 90-day units into three-year units, thanks to those soldiers who volunteered to re-enlist for the longer term. In the confusion of that process, he couldn’t spare troops to defend … Continue reading

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July 27, 1861: Missouri convention

The governor of Missouri having abandoned the capital, as well as the Union that the convention had voted to support, the convention met again in St. Louis. Since the governor and several officers of the state were now engaged in … Continue reading

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July 26th, 1861: 9th Illinois mustered in

Colonel E. A. Paine On July 25th, the 9th Illinois’ 90-day term had expired, and the regiment was mustered out. Having permission from General Scott to reorganize the unit in the field, Gen. Prentiss formed the 9th Illinois as a … Continue reading

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July 25, 1861: 9th Illinois mustered out

The 9th Illinois was a 90-day regiment stationed at Cairo, IL to guard the crucial confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. General Prentiss, in charge of the area, appealed to his superiors for more troops; they were not available, … Continue reading

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July 24, 1861: Illinois should raise more troops

Only a day before, General Prentiss had bemoaned the shortage of troops to hold Cairo. The Illinois State Journal printed a short editorial comment arguing that the state should raise more troops in anticipation that the Federal government would be … Continue reading

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July 23, 1861: Prentiss needs troops

Benjamin Prentiss Lincoln’s original call for troops to serve 3 months was a mistake, as it turned out — nobody thought the war would last longer than that, and when it did, a lot of men who had been caught … Continue reading

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July 22, 1861: Skirmish at Forsyth, MO

T. W. Sweeny View Larger Map Forsyth, MO General Sweeny occupied Forsyth, MO (near Branson) after a skirmish with rebel forces on July 22, 1861. From the OR, Series 1, Volume 3, Part 1, pp 44-45: JULY 20-25, 1861.-Expedition from … Continue reading

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