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March 13, 1861: The Richmond Dispatch welcomes the surrender of Ft. Sumter

The Richmond Daily Dispatch, having weighed the rumors from Washington that Ft. Sumter would be surrendered, reacted with jubilation on March 13, 1861: Reported surrender of Fort Sumter. We are truly delighted to believe that, in order to save the … Continue reading

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March 12, 1861: Will Virginia be Helpless?

The Richmond Daily Dispatch worries that a surprise invasion from the North may catch Virginia unprepared: Will the Legislature leave the State defenseless? In view of the schemes said to be silently concocting at Washington for the subjugation of the … Continue reading

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March 11,1861: Confederate Constitution adopted

The Confederate Constitution was adopted on March 11, 1861. I would do an analysis of the differences between it and the US Constitution, but I can’t hope to match the analysis that Stephanie McCurry provided. This is also a good … Continue reading

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March 11, 1861: Servants for hire

From the Richmond Daily Dispatch: Servants for Hire. For Hire. –Three young, able-bodied Men. who have been accustomed to doing Farm work and Labor generally. They will be hired for the balance of the year, or by the month, week … Continue reading

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March 10, 1861: Keziah Brevard’s Diary

Keziah Brevard Keziah Brevard was a widow of about 50, managing plantations outside Columbia, South Carolina. In her diary for Saturday the 9th, she said that “nobody knows the impudence I take here almost weekly — I do hope my … Continue reading

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March 9, 1861: Report of Missouri’s Committe on Federal Relations

The Missouri Convention’s Committee on Federal Relations made its report and offered seven resolutions on March 9, 1861. Debate would ensue for eleven days. The report was lengthy, and offered various arguments against secession. It came out strongly in favor … Continue reading

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March 8, 1861: The South eyes Sumter – “calculating the probable number of killed”

Fort Sumter (top) and Castle Pinckney From the Richmond Daily Dispatch, a discussion of the clear intent of the South to attack Fort Sumter. It’s interesting to note the trepidation with which such an assault was viewed at the time. … Continue reading

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March 7, 1861: John Carlile against secession

As we have seen, Jeremiah Morton spoke in favor of secession at the Virginia Convention; Waitman Willey of Morgantown (West) Virginia spoke against it. Next John Carlile, another western Virginian, from a county with only 4% slave population, spoke against … Continue reading

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March 6, 1861: Press responses to the inaugural around the nation

The Richmond Daily Dispatch published a selection of responses to the inaugural from a wide range of papers. Of course the selection, and the quotes provided, reflect the Dispatch’s editorial bias, but it still makes a pretty good sample of … Continue reading

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March 5, 1861: Lincoln’s cabinet confirmed

Lincoln and his cabinet, 1861 From the New York Times: THE CABINET NOMINATIONS CONFIRMED. The Cabinet appointments, as sent to the Senate, and immediately confirmed to-day, are as follows: Secretary of State — WM. H. SEWARD. Secretary of the Treasury … Continue reading

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