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February 28, 1861: Jeremiah Morton on the Republican plot

Jeremiah Morton, a prominent Whig politician and planter, was a member of the Virginia Secession Convention and gave one of the first speeches advocating secession. In it he lays out what he sees as the Republican strategy. The party in … Continue reading

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February 27, 1861: Peace Conference adjourns.

From the Richmond Daily Dispatch: “Mr. Franklin,” who proposed this substitute set of resolutions, appears to be Thomas E. Franklin of Pennsylvania, but I can’t find out anything else about him. As you’ll see, the resolutions still amount to the … Continue reading

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February 26, 1861: Voluntary enslavement

I was looking at the Virginia Secession Convention journals, and this little item caught my eye: An act providing for the voluntary enslavement of George, Shed, Sam and Sukey, persons of color in the county of Buckingham, No. 124. Voluntary … Continue reading

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February 25, 1861: In the Virginia legislature

From the journals of the Virginia Secession Convention. A very edifying exchange. Some Virginians, like Samuel McDowell Moore, held that their interests did not lie with the cotton states, while others, like Mr. Goode, held that the North’s contention that … Continue reading

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February 24, 1861: The Peace Conference still trying.

The Peace Conference, after laboring mightily, gave birth to the same old thing — it’s basically the Crittenden Compromise. No chance it would pass Congress, of course. And despite their hopes, Lincoln was set against allowing slavery in the territories, … Continue reading

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February 23, 1861: Richmond Dispatch just doesn’t “get” Lincoln

As we’ve seen, The Richmond Daily Dispatch’s editor doesn’t think Lincoln is dignified enough. On Feb. 23, the Dispatch published what would now be considered a teaser for The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln — but to the editors, … Continue reading

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February 22, 1861: Get rid of Northern textbooks

A page from the New England Primer The south wasn’t happy with all those damn Puritan schoolbooks. Now I have to say that they have a point about the Puritans; we still hear a great deal about their desire for … Continue reading

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February 21, 1861: The Richmond Daily Dispatch doesn’t care for Old Abe.

The Richmond Daily Dispatch finds Lincoln frightfully uncultured. The editorial below refers to Lincoln’s remarks in Indianapolis, where he compared the Southern concept of the union to a “free love” marriage, and of course the famous incident of the young … Continue reading

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February 20, 1861: Virginia warns Michigan

Governor John Letcher of Virginia From the journals of the Virginia general assembly, February 20, 1861: Resolutions from Michigan.–A communication was received from the Executive, transmitting a copy of joint resolutions from the State of Michigan in favor of coercion, … Continue reading

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February 19, 1861: John Preston – “The south cannot exist without African slavery.”

John Preston of South Carolina Preston, a native of Virginia, was selected by the South Carolina convention to act as commissioner to Virginia, where he attempted to persuade the Virginia convention to vote for secession. His speech is transcribed in … Continue reading

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