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October 31, 1860: Democrats, not Bell voters, for disunion.

From the New York Times, October 31, 1860: Who Threatened Disunion, and Why. It is a well known fact that the Democrats of the South are not the only slaveholders. On the contrary, we believe that in proportion to numbers, … Continue reading

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October 30, 1860: The situation in Virginia

A couple of special dispatches to the New York Times. First we hear of plans by secessionists to embargo cotton and force the European powers to recognize the Confederacy. This was actually attempted, and mainly served to develop India as … Continue reading

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October 29, 1860: Union sentiment in the South

An editorial from The New York Times of October 29, 1860, expressed some hope for union feeling in the South. Southern Sentiment. We publish this morning copious extracts from our Southern exchanges upon the question of disunion. Our selections have … Continue reading

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The South Alone Should Govern the South

An organization called the 1860 association produced and distributed hundreds of thousands of copies of pamphlets in the months leading up to, and immediately after, the election of 1860. The pamphlets had an important role in forming public opinion supporting … Continue reading

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October 27, 1860: Don’t run off the Mexicans.

Mexican Sharecropper (1938, but her ancestor in 1860 would likely have looked much the same) From the (Corpus Christi, TX) Ranchero, October 27, 1860:             There are many rumors afloat in regard to there being a large body of armed … Continue reading

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October 26, 1860: Election tickets available

Breckinridge Democratic Ticket An ad in the Baton Rouge, LA Daily Advocate of October 26, 1860: Election Tickets!             The Advocate will be able in a day or two to supply any number of tickets to the Democracy of this … Continue reading

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October 25, 1860: Lincoln’s chances in Rhode Island

William Sprague IV of Rhode Island From the October 25, 1860 New York Times, a discussion of Lincoln’s chances in Rhode Island. “Peroe” writes to the Boston Journal, from Providence, as follows: “Some Democratic journals are trying very hard to … Continue reading

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October 24, 1860: John Wilkes Booth shot!

John Wilkes Booth, ca. 1865 From the Baton Rouge Daily Gazette and Comet, October 24, 1860:             An Actor Shot.—The Columbus (Ga.) Sun announces that Mr. J. W. Booth the young tragedian, connected with the theatrical company now performing there, … Continue reading

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October 23, 1860: Southern unionists urge restraint

John Bell From the Staunton (VA) Spectator, a Bell and Everett (Constitutional Union) paper. Even though Lincoln should be elected, and should be disposed to commit some aggression upon the rights of the South, he could not do it. The … Continue reading

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October 22, 1860: The “Minute Men” organize to oppose the “Wide Awakes”; Kansas unimpressed.

North Carolina secession cockade – UNC library As the Blue Gray Review recently noted, the Republicans weren’t the only party with a quasi-military marching society; Douglas’ supporters were organized as the “Little Giants”. A bit more ominously, secession-minded Southerners were … Continue reading

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