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Capture of the slave-ship Cora

Rescued East African slaves, 1869 As I’ve mentioned earlier, the slave trade was continuing illegally, though few slaves were reaching the U.S. Many were landed in Cuba, however. British and American warships patrolled the coast of Africa in an effort … Continue reading

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Pettus stockpiles munitions; Southern leaders threaten secession

John J. Pettus of Mississippi. Does anyone know of another picture of him? This one is lame. From the September 29, 1860 New York Times: ABOUT MUNITIONS OF WAR AND TAXATION. The Yazoo (Miss.) Banner reports Gov. PETTUS as having … Continue reading

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Why Breckinridge voters oppose fusion

The Democrats are getting a bit desperate. With their votes divided between two candidates, and still others siphoned off by Bell’s American party, they have little chance to beat Lincoln. Yet they can’t stomach a fusion ticket that would unite … Continue reading

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How to convert a Democrat

A story in the White Cloud Kansas Chief from September 27, 1860 presents a strong argument against “popular sovereignty”. The writer finds that the territories — or even the frontier states — don’t protect free speech well enough to allow … Continue reading

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Yancey in Maryland on slavery and the constitution

The New York Times reports a speech given by William Lowndes Yancey on September 26, 1860. Hon. WM. L. YANCEY, who is stumping in support of the Breckinridge ticket, spoke yesterday at Easton to a large and enthusiastic audience. Mr. … Continue reading

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Breckinridge men repudiate fusion

From the New York Times ALBANY, Tuesday, Sept. 25 — 10 P.M. BRECKINRIDGE had an immense demonstration to-night in front of Congress Hall. Mr. BRADY’S speech is regarded as a death blow to fusion. He denounced DOUGLAS and his doctrines, … Continue reading

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Yancey stumps the North

William Lowndes Yancey The fire-eater William Lowndes Yancey of Alabama made a speaking tour of Northern cities before the election. An article in the New York Tribune of September 24, 1860 critiqued Yancey’s speech: Next to the certainty of the … Continue reading

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The political importance of the slave trade

The Slave Trade, by Auguste Francois Biard, 1840 Letter from John Cowden to Gov. John J. Pettus of Mississippi, September 23, 1860: Give me free trade with Africa and they may have as many Wilmot provisos or (as much) Squatter … Continue reading

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Panic and disunion

More insurrection panic in the Semi-Weekly Mississippian (Jackson, MS) of Sep. 21, 1860: A Clergyman of the Methodist persuasion writes the following, among other things, to the Journal of Commerce, from Vicksburg: Our papers are teeming with accounts of the … Continue reading

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William Walker dies

William Walker William Walker the filibuster reached his zenith in 1856-57, when he was president of Nicaragua. My colleague The Richmonder has covered his career extensively. It came to an end in Honduras on Sept. 12, 1860, and the reports … Continue reading

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