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Vigilance committees

Vigilantes take Harpers’ artist’s sketches in Memphis In the Fayetteville Arkansian, August 31, 1860: For Kansas. The Vigilance Police appointed by the late Public Meeting are doing their duty.—One man who has been residing in this town some time, was … Continue reading

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Higher than Haman

Douglas as snake charmer, with snakes labeled “Anti-Lecompton”, “Old Line Whigs”, “Republicans”, “American” and “S. American” Douglas, as mentioned earlier, stumped throughout the country to try to hold the Union together (and possibly to get elected, though that was looking … Continue reading

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Johnny Reb Speaks

Photo from From a letter to the Baton Rouge Daily Advocate, dated August 29, 1860. Virginia is all right. Her citizens are aroused to a full sense of their danger, and every Democrat will be forthcoming in November next. … Continue reading

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What it’s all about

Slave sale, Charleston, SC An advertisement from the Jackson Mississippian, August 28, 1860: Fifty Negroes for Sale. Slave Depot, Crystal Springs. We have established a Depot at Crystal Springs, Mississippi, for the sale of Negroes, and as our facilities for … Continue reading

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Pugh for the union

George E. Pugh Senator George E. Pugh of Ohio, addressing the Douglas Democratic convention of Kentucky: The Constitution may be violated (as it often has been) by unfaithful public servants, or in the tempest, of faction, or from other causes; … Continue reading

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Bell and Breckinridge: Quien es mas pro-slavery?

John Bell The New York Times published a card from one of the Bell electors from Georgia: Mr. B.H. HILL, one of the electors at large on the Bell and Everett Ticket for Georgia, in a card just published, gives … Continue reading

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All the Southern Ladies. Put your hands up!

A Southern Belle Harper’s Weekly, September 7, 1861 The culture of the antebellum South famously put women on a pedestal, but women often expressed strong political sentiments. While they couldn’t vote in any state North or South (and even the … Continue reading

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Comparing Africans and “Coolies”

Lord John Russell A letter to the editor of the New York Times on 8/24/1860 says that Lord Russell’s proposal to substitute Chinese labor for African slaves in Cuba is doomed to failure because the Cuban planters don’t want Chinese … Continue reading

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How will secession work?

Laurence M. Keitt An editorial in the New York Times of August 23, 1860 analyzes the different views of how South Carolina should secede if Lincoln is elected. We have already published several letters from gentlemen in South Carolina, urging … Continue reading

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Henry A. Wise of Virginia

Henry A. Wise The New York Times of August 22, 1860 published a letter from Virginia governor Henry A. Wise, in which he claims that the only way to preserve the Union is for Northerners to realize that unless they … Continue reading

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