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November 16, 1865: Reconstruction controversies

Thaddeus Stevens *************************** The Cape Girardeau Argus for November 16, 1865 shows its preferred Reconstruction policies in a couple of items reproduced from other papers. First, wondering why so many immigrants (and in Cape Girardeau County, these would mainly be … Continue reading

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August 25, 1865: The Boston Letter

Jared Sparks The letter below was signed by a large group in Boston. It makes a detailed argument for black suffrage, based both on justice and expediency. The signers include Jared Sparks, president of Harvard University from 1849-1853, Nathaniel Thayer, … Continue reading

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March 7, 1865: Give us back our monarchy!

Henry Ward Beecher *************************************************************** The editor of the Richmond Daily Dispatch ridicules Henry Ward Beecher’s call for letting black men vote. The piece is almost a self-caricature in its racism, but the anti-democratic underpinning is far more interesting. “This thing … Continue reading

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November 1, 1860: The “threat” of Negro suffrage

Later (1866) Poster opposing Negro Suffrage In the Richmond (VA) Daily Dispatch of November 1, 1860, a couple of items appeared warning of the danger that black Americans would be allowed to vote. The fear of African-Americans voting seems to … Continue reading

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