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December 19, 1862: Seward resigns

The New York Times reports that Secretary of State Seward tendered his resignation to the President. Will there be a wholesale restructuring? WASHINGTON, Dec. 19, 1862. Political circles to Washington are to-day in a complete whirl of excitement over the … Continue reading

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November 12, 1861: Is Seward really in charge?

It was a common view that a relative unknown, a country bumpkin like Lincoln, could not really be running the country in its crisis. Rather, an experienced party man like Seward must be the power behind the throne. Certainly the … Continue reading

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February 28, 1861: Jeremiah Morton on the Republican plot

Jeremiah Morton, a prominent Whig politician and planter, was a member of the Virginia Secession Convention and gave one of the first speeches advocating secession. In it he lays out what he sees as the Republican strategy. The party in … Continue reading

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January 11, 1861: Seward speaks in Congress

William H. Seward So far as the abstract question whether, by the Constitution of the United States, the bondsman, who is made such by the laws of a State, is still a man or only property, I answer that, within … Continue reading

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January 2, 1861: Lincoln starts forming his cabinet

Lincoln Cameron Seward From the New York Tribune: Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 2, 1861 Mr. Lincoln’s Cabinet. Republican circles were much agitated to-day, by the announcement that Mr. Seward had been appointed Secretary of State and Mr. Cameron Secretary of the … Continue reading

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The political importance of the slave trade

The Slave Trade, by Auguste Francois Biard, 1840 Letter from John Cowden to Gov. John J. Pettus of Mississippi, September 23, 1860: Give me free trade with Africa and they may have as many Wilmot provisos or (as much) Squatter … Continue reading

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Seward at Lansing, MI

William H. Seward The New York Times of September 15, 1860 published a speech given by William Seward at Lansing, Michigan. Seward, as always, was not pulling any punches. Is there a man in the State of Michigan who would … Continue reading

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Seward in Boston, Douglas in Norfolk, and Southern outrage

William H. Seward As we have seen earlier, Douglas made it clear in his stump speeches that he viewed secession as criminal; in Raleigh, he said that he would hang anyone who violated the Constitution “higher than Haman“. In a … Continue reading

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