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January, 1861: DeBow: Non-Slaveholders should fight to defend slavery

James D. B. DeBow I’ve reproduced articles from DeBow’s Review occasionally; it was a magazine of agricultural advice originally, but by the time of the war it had become one of the primary defenders of slavery. In January, 1861, DeBow … Continue reading

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December, 1860: Dr. Scull takes on Dr. Cartwright on human unity

James D.B. DeBow In December, 1860, James DeBow was gracious enough to publish a rebuttal of S.A. Cartwright’s August article, in which the author claimed Biblical warrant for African slavery on the grounds that blacks were a separate and inferior … Continue reading

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November, 1860: DeBow’s Review on the “Irrepressible Conflict”

James D.B. DeBow The South’s Power of Self-Protection DeBow’s Review, Nov. 1860 Vol 29 no. 5 545-561 This is an excerpt from a long article (see link above to read it in its entirety) from the November DeBow’s Review. The … Continue reading

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October 21, 1860: DeBow fears Republican abolitionism

James D. B. DeBow From DeBow’s Review, October 1860: Editorial notes and miscellany The present aspect of affairs in the Union is certainly such as should demand the prompt and early action of its people, in the direction of deliverance … Continue reading

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James D. B. DeBow I’ve posted about DeBow’s review once before. The editor, James D. B. DeBow, frequently wrote articles for it himself; in the September, 1860 issue of DeBow’s review, DeBow publishes some excerpts from a book called “Duties … Continue reading

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