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April 13, 1864: Even more miscegenation

This item from the Richmond Daily Dispatch doesn’t use the newly coined term “miscegenation,” but “amalgamation” appeared in the same hoax pamphlet. Here the editor dismisses the loss of the Yankees (with their “patent medicines, puritanism, and pumpkin pies”) as … Continue reading

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April 1, 1864: Yet more on miscegenation

As we’ve seen, the hoax pamphlet “Miscegenation” prompted extensive controversy in both North and South, just in time for the presidential campaign. The New York Times treated it as a joke, but some abolitionists took it as a serious, if … Continue reading

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March 30, 1864: More Miscegenation fever

The Richmond Daily Dispatch may have some doubts about the endorsements, but it’s been taken in completely by the Miscegenation hoax. It’s the equivalent of one of those irate, widely circulated emails that Snopes would be debunking today. The Miscegenation … Continue reading

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March 26, 1864: Miscegenation Mania

In December, 1863, two Democratic reporters wrote a lengthy pamphlet titled “Miscegenation: the theory of the blending of the races, applied to the American White Man and Negro.” The pamphlet was published anonymously, purporting to be by an abolitionist who … Continue reading

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