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April 2, 1863: Does the south want to reopen the slave trade?

The Confederate constitution required abolition of the slave trade, but it appears that they’re dragging their feet. Surprisingly, secretary of state Judah Benjamin refuses to entertain abolition by treaty, which will surely hurt the prospects for recognition of the Confederacy … Continue reading

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July 24, 1862: This “species of property” still in demand

The Richmond Daily Dispatch notes with approval that, despite their tendency to run away when Yankee troops are around, there’s still a good market for slaves. Negroes. –Despite the fugacious proclivities of made members of the negro fraternity, they are … Continue reading

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June 27, 1862: The Richmond Daily Dispatch is shocked. Shocked!

Slave Pen, Alexandria VA The Richmond Daily Dispatch accuses the Yankees of hypocrisy, claiming that escaped slaves are being sold by the Union. It’s a serious accusation; few crimes are worse than selling another human being. Meanwhile, toward the back … Continue reading

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February 13, 1861: “The South is now in the formation of a Slave Republic”.

From a letter by Leonidas W. Spratt, former editor of the Charleston Standard and commissioner from South Carolina to the Florida Secession Convention. This letter was sent to a Louisiana legislator, urging that the slave trade be reopened; he used … Continue reading

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Capture of the slave-ship Cora

Rescued East African slaves, 1869 As I’ve mentioned earlier, the slave trade was continuing illegally, though few slaves were reaching the U.S. Many were landed in Cuba, however. British and American warships patrolled the coast of Africa in an effort … Continue reading

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The political importance of the slave trade

The Slave Trade, by Auguste Francois Biard, 1840 Letter from John Cowden to Gov. John J. Pettus of Mississippi, September 23, 1860: Give me free trade with Africa and they may have as many Wilmot provisos or (as much) Squatter … Continue reading

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Comparing Africans and “Coolies”

Lord John Russell A letter to the editor of the New York Times on 8/24/1860 says that Lord Russell’s proposal to substitute Chinese labor for African slaves in Cuba is doomed to failure because the Cuban planters don’t want Chinese … Continue reading

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The Coolie Trade

Chinese “Coolie” being whipped on a transport ship (Harper’s Magazine, June 1864) I want to continue yesterday’s discussion of the slave trade. Both excerpts from Southern papers mentioned the “coolie-trade” as a result of restrictions on African slavery; by this … Continue reading

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The Slave Trade

The slave trade was abolished in America by Congressional action on January 1, 1808, with strong support from both North and South. By the late 1850s, though, a few southern “fire-eaters” were calling for it to be resumed. A couple … Continue reading

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